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Chapter 93 Polite Pretenses

  • Prince Kin’s palace was further away than Ren’s palace which I guess was to be expected. Afterall, it made sense for Ren’s palace to be located closer to his inner court. Due to the distance, a carriage was prepared for me so that I didn’t have to walk. 
  • Upon my arrival at Prince Kin’s palace, I was greeted politely by his maids and was led inside to where they told me that Prince Kin was waiting. Prince Kin’s palace was large and glamorously decorated. The place had a different vibe from Ren’s palace and seemed less traditional and newer. Unlike Ren’s palace that was decorated with many traditional motifs and the symbol of the empire, Prince Kin’s palace looked more like an entertainment theatre. 
  • The building was full of various bright colors and the shape of the roof resembled performance theatres. Judging from the various performance masks on display on the walls along the hallway of his palace, I could guess that that was what he was into. A prince who was interested in the visual and performing arts. I couldn’t picture a starker contrast from his older brother who was interested in warfare. 
  • “This is the room, Lady White Lotus,” the maid said politely as came to a stop in front of a pair of sliding doors. 
  • “Thank you…” I replied simply. 
  • I watched as the maid bowed respectfully before leaving me. I guess this is it. 
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