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Chapter 8 Into Town

  • “Actually, on the same day that I was born my mother died giving birth to me and a mysterious disease infected many villagers. The Village Head and the villagers decided to place the blame on me for the cause of the epidemic that happened…” I told him in an emotionless voice.
  • “That’s completely crazy! Blaming an epidemic on a newborn baby. I bet those people are really simple-minded, so they looked for whatever and whoever was the most convenient to blame,” Ren said in a dark tone.
  • “I guess…” I replied vaguely with a sad smile. Perhaps they really were crazy but that is just how things are. Reality isn’t always so pretty after all. Ren’s reaction surely surprised me; usually people would take the side of the mass in order to avoid causing trouble for themselves. At least that was what I’ve experienced so it was a pleasant surprise that Ren thought differently.
  • I took Ren along a couple of secret routes that I frequently used while picking herbs. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he eyed the scenery around us. I was relieved that his fever hasn’t returned so far. The atmosphere was soothing, and the weather was surprisingly perfect today. Time passed by quickly and the work felt less tiring than it usually did.
  • Soon the sun began to set dying the sky a beautiful mix of red, pink and a darker shade of blue. I looked up at the sky, I guess we should start heading towards the village before it starts snowing. We’ve already picked quite a lot of herbs, thanks mainly to Ren’s help.
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