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Chapter 77 Warming His Bed

  • I knew well that he just got back and that he was tired, and it was not my intention to turn our conversation into an argument. This was not what I had in mind at all. He just returned, and after not seeing him for a week, I’m having an argument with him. 
  • “But…that doesn’t mean…” I began protesting again but Ren’s harsh words interrupted me. 
  • “If you’re desperately looking for a place to die or a way to die, I’ll suggest some painless poison for a swift death for you. Dying on the battlefield isn’t going to leave your corpse looking very pretty,” Ren said sarcastically. 
  • I watched silently as Ren got up from his seat signally that our conversation or argument was over. Ren probably viewed this conversation as crazy and full of non-sense. However, for me, an idea had started to solidify in my mind…
  • “Where are you going?” I asked softly. 
  • “To bed…I’m dead tired,” Ren replied, sounding dead tired. 
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