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Chapter 67 Temporary Farewell

  • “Umm…today is a little bit busy because many representatives from the provinces and towns are here to collect their monthly medicine rations as per the policy. The lines you see are representatives queuing up to receive the medicine so that they can bring it back to their hometown…” the doctor explained in simple terms.
  • “I see,” Ren said curtly.
  • We walked along to various counters that were busy preparing and distributing medicine. Well wrapped parcels were passed over the counter from the doctors and herbalists in charge to the representatives.
  • There were many questions that I wanted to ask such as what medicines and herbs were being given out. If there were diseases spreading in the provinces? However, I knew that asking questions now would seem out of place and I had to heed Ren’s warning.
  • The doctor already looked puzzled enough that I was with Ren on his surprise visit to the Royal Medical Office. He probably took me as someone that Ren brought along to ease his boredom as he looked over the medical office. Little did he know that the one who was truly interested in what was going on here was me…and not Ren.
  • After we finished with this building, we went for a tour at the other two remining buildings. The pattern of our visit was similar as the first two buildings with a doctor coming up to us to greet Ren and offer their assistance. I enjoyed the tour immensely and found it truly eye opening. Many things were different from my hometown and many things were completely new to me.
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