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Chapter 66 The Tour

  • “I thought…royal doctors only treated royalty…” I mumbled.
  • “You’re right, that was surely the case up until recently. Royal doctors were reserved for treating members of the royal family only. Exceptions were made for their favorite concubines and such. Recently, I was able to convince my father to extend the work of our royal doctors to other people, although more work can definitely be done there…” Ren said as he flashed me a small smile.
  • “Thank you, Ren…” I thanked him with all my heart.
  • “Why are you thanking me?” Ren asked, he seemed genuinely confused.
  • “I don’t know…I guess…for helping other people…” I replied a little hesitantly, unsure of how to put my feelings into words.
  • “There’s a long way to go, Rin. Even now not all medical herbs are accessible to the commoners even if they are readily available. The majority of herbs and medicine in the warehouse building are still reserved for the royal family and no one else…” Ren said with a gentle yet sad smile.
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