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Chapter 6 On Top of Him

  • By the time I was back, Ren’s eyes were closed as he continued to battle his fever. Sorry Ren but I need to remove some of your clothes to wipe you with cool water, I apologized silently to Ren inside my head. I slowly reached out my hand and began disrobing him. This is for medical purposes, but this is my first time undressing a man, I couldn’t stop my hands from trembling slightly as I tugged and pulled at his top. Finally, I managed to completely remove his clothes from his upper body.
  • I sucked in a breath as my eyes took in the sight before me. Thankfully, Ren still had his eyes closed otherwise he would have seen my shocked reaction. I knew that Ren was tall and much bigger than me, but I didn’t expect that beneath his clothing hid such a well sculptured and muscular body. I’ve never seen a man without a shirt on before, but I knew enough that a standard man did not look as beautiful as this. He must be a very fit and active trader to have such a well-toned body. His muscles were beautiful, taunt and firm.
  • Unconsciously, I slowly reached out my hand towards the muscle of his chest. His skin felt hot against my fingertips as I ran my fingertips down from his chest, tracing gently downwards towards his magnificently formed abdominal muscles. Ren’s soft moan brought me back to my sense. What did I just do? I need to focus on healing him.
  • Back to my senses, I quickly grabbed the wet towel. After squeezing it until it was damp and ready, I gently used it to wipe along Ren’s arm, one after the other. Then I wiped his neck, chest and the plain of his stomach. Ren made soft moaning sounds as his body slowly began to relax.
  • I need to flip him onto his stomach to wipe his back. Ren’s body was still very hot to the touch, his fever has not yet broken. Using all the force that I could muster, I managed to flip Ren onto his stomach. If I thought that the sight of his naked back would be any less amazing than the front of his torso, I was so wrong. Even his back was amazingly sculpted with ripped muscles. Being a trade and a traveler must be harder than I ever imagined if it made them have a body as fit as this.
  • I placed my palm against the muscle of his broad back before starting to wipe him with the damp towel. Over and over, I wiped him, changing the cool water so that the water could absorb and remove the heat from his feverish body. I wasn’t sure how long I was at it, but it must have been a good long while.
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