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Chapter 57 Leaving His Mark

  • I moaned loudly when I felt Ren’s knee move upwards in between my legs. Before I knew it, I was straddling his leg and I could feel him in between my legs. Ren’s hand cupped my breast as his lips tugged and bit on my lower lip teasingly.
  • “Ren…” I whimpered his name weakly.
  • His hand began fondling and squeezing my breasts in turn. The touch of his hand was rough as he pumped and massaged my womanly flesh, making me moan louder against his mouth. My body felt like it was on fire where he was touching me. My breasts ached and swelled at his touch and so did my lower abdomen that started to burn with heat.
  • “I told you, you’re so defenseless, Rin. You’re lucky that I’m the one you met here…and not some other man…” Ren hissed into my ear as his hand started undoing the sash around my waist, easily slipping away the thin fabric.
  • His hands parted my silk robe impatiently to the side and soon I felt the warmth of his manly hands on my quivering naked skin. Ren cupped my breasts with both hands and began massaging them immediately, making me cry out at the sudden pleasure that rushed through me from the point of his caresses.
  • I felt my nipple grow hard and erect against his palm as they responded to him without reserve. Ren squeezed my breasts harder before proceeding to play around with my hardened nipples. He rubbed them in between his fingers and pinched them until I cried out at the slight pain and mind-blowing pleasure that I felt from his touches.
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