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Chapter 50 Power Struggle

  • “There are always other options available and situations that may sway the current emperor and the high court to choose the other options. For example, what if I’m unable to produce an heir? That would lead to complications following my own rule on who would succeed me and issues like that are complicated and never welcomed. In that case, it would be cleaner to select an emperor who already has a successor,” Ren began to explain.
  • “I see…” I mumbled as I followed his line of thought.
  • “In my specific case, the other option available is my younger brother, Kin,” Ren said, his face suddenly stern and serious.
  • “Prince Kin?” I said, curiously.
  • “Let’s just say that Kin and I have different values and beliefs. We were raised…very differently despite being brothers…” Ren said, his face darkening as if he was remembering some unpleasant memories.
  • “You were raised…differently?” I asked, not quite sure if I understood.
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