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Chapter 48 Feed Me

  • I looked down at the simple porridge that I made for him. It was indeed a far cry from the dishes that we were usually served in the palace, but I made sure that it had all the healthy ingredients, even adding in spices and herbs that I knew were good for the body.
  • I didn’t know what to cook for him and ended up deciding on the same porridge dish that I had cooked for him when he was wounded and a patient staying at my house. I cooked his meal for him every day back then and he seemed to enjoy his meal or, at least, he acted like he enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if that would still be the case now that he was Ren the crown prince instead of Ren the trader, but it was the best idea that I had.
  • “I’ll eat it if you feed me,” Ren said almost emotionlessly. His face though was serious.
  • “I beg…your pardon?” I said, not believing my ears.
  • “I said that I’ll eat it if you feed me,” Ren repeated, slightly annoyed.
  • “…but…” I whispered hesitantly.
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