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Chapter 45 To Ask Ren

  • Perhaps, they could sense that I wanted to be alone because they all left silently. I sighed loudly when I heard the sound of the door closing behind me. I should go out and find something to do. I can’t stay holed up in here avoiding Ren forever.
  • Not surprisingly, the person I ran into when I headed to the central living room was Shin. When I saw his face, I immediately felt guilty when I thought of how my thoughtless actions almost put his life at risk. I hoped Ren kept his promise of forgetting everything related to what he saw. I honestly didn’t want Shin to regret what he did when he was just trying to be kind to me.
  • I greeted Shin with a polite smile and bowed. In return, Shin smiled at me. He seemed normal so I guess Ren did keep his end of the promise after all.
  • “Good morning, Rin,” Shin greeted me politely.
  • “Same to you,” I replied.
  • “Would you like to join me for some tea? I’ll get the maid to bring us some,” Shin suggested.
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