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Chapter 40 Never Ending

  • I couldn’t deny it anymore, Ren’s touches were driving me crazy with intense pleasure. I’ve never felt this way before until I met Ren. My body was reacting so much to his advances that I was beginning to lose myself in his embrace. I hated to admit it even to myself, but I wanted him to touch me more, I wanted to experience even more pleasure.
  • “Tell me if it hurts, Rin,” Ren whispered once again into my ear.
  • I didn’t have the chance to respond before I felt a sharp thrusting motion inside of my love cave. Ren had thrusted his finger deep into my pussy hole. Oh no…he’s touching my insides…
  • “Ren…Mhhhmm….Ahhh!” I cried out his name and started making noises that didn’t sound like me at all as my hips squirmed from the sensation of my insides being stirred.
  • “You’re so hot and tight inside…and I’ve only put one finger inside of you,” Ren said before kissing the nape of my neck.
  • Without warning, I felt the finger deep inside my hole started moving around as if he was feeling me around inside. It felt unlike anything that I had experienced before. I found out that the movements of Ren’s finger inside of me was fulfilling that aching need deep inside of my lower abdomen. Had my body wanted this all along from the beginning?
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