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Chapter 29 Wild Seduction

  • I closed my eyes and moaned shamelessly when I felt his thick fingers against the untouched secret flower in between my legs. I sucked in a breath and bit my lip as his invading fingers slowly stroked up and down my virgin opening.
  • “You’re flooded here. It’s so hot, wet and slippery…” Ren stated with his voice thick with desire.
  • His fingers rubbed up and down my wet slit and I felt my nectar wetting the skin of my inner thighs. The stimulation from his finger was driving me insane with desire and I cried out his name. I didn’t recognize my own voice; I never knew my voice could sound so dirty and seductive.
  • Suddenly, I felt jolts of raw pleasure pierce through my body in waves matching the rhythm of Ren’s fingers rubbing the sensitive spot in between my legs. The pleasure was too much, and I felt the inside of my love hole clenching and spasming non-stop. Unable to control my body, my hips started moving up and down to grind my sensitive nub harder and faster against Ren’s fingers.
  • “Ahhhh…Ren…” I moaned loudly and called out his name as my hips continued to buck up and down maddeningly. My whole body writhed with pleasure as I sat in between his legs and leaned my body back against his hard chest.
  • “Your body is so sensitive. I like all the dirty sounds that you’re making,” Ren whispered in a clearly pleased voice into my ear. My body shook with the pleasure and my breath was so labored that I found it difficult to breathe.
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