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Chapter 21 Seduction & Murder

  • His lips feels so hot against mine and I felt my body feel weaker as he continued kissing me. His hand dipping lower from my waist to caress my hips. I heard myself let out a sigh, followed by a soft moan.
  • “No…crown prince…” I protested weakly in between our kisses as my mind started feeling hazy.
  • “Ren…call me Ren,” Ren whispered seductively as he changed the angle of our kiss.
  • Using this opportunity, Ren slowly slipped his wet tongue in between my slightly parted lips. I felt my body shudder when I felt his warm tongue enter my mouth and meeting my own. I’ve never kissed man before and this new sensation was making me feel tingly inside. I heard myself moan several times when Ren’s tongue grinded against my own.
  • When Ren’s lips finally parted from mine, I felt so lightheaded dthat I could barely keep standing. Sensing this, Ren supported my body with his arms around me as I leaned on him. I was panting hard as he gently stroked my hair.
  • Suddenly, I felt my body being lifted into the air and then I was in Ren’s strong arms as he carried me princess-style with ease.
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