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Chapter 206 Our Love

  • Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to react to these new pieces of information. Perhaps it was just a little too much information? I wasn’t at all interested in his past affairs or experience with other women, but I do get the point that he was trying to make though.
  • “Aha…” was all that I managed to say.
  • “I don’t want any woman to end up like my mother if I can help it and I don’t any child to have a childhood like mine,” Ren stated coldly.
  • I wasn’t sure what to say to him, but I knew that Ren wasn’t looking for words of comfort. He was looking for something else…
  • “Are you scared that I’ll end up like your mother and that our child will have a terrible childhood?” I asked quite frankly.
  • If you asked me, that was the message that I got from Ren’s short story about his mother and their relationship. Ren looked at me with a lightly astonished expression before he slowly nodded.
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