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Chapter 198 No Need To Hold Back

  • I wondered where this journey would end up taking me…
  • Now that Ren is properly seated, I guess I should go and look around the house. Since I left in a hurry, maybe there are some things here that I should take back with me. First, I should check the bedroom.
  • “I’m just going to look around. You can stay here if you want,” I told Ren as I got up from my seat.
  • Ren watched me silently as I headed towards the bedroom. The bedroom still looks the same. It was also less dusty than the living room, probably because the windows were closed properly, and it was at the back of the house. I started looking around and soon I was absorbed in my own thoughts that I didn’t realize it at first when Ren came up behind me.
  • “Do you remember when we first met?” Ren asked from directly behind me.
  • I turned to face him and nodded. It was a snowy day and while on the way home from the center of town, I found Ren collapsed and unconscious on the snow-covered floor.
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