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Chapter 197 Finally Here

  • I could tell from their responses that they were already quite drunk. Regardless, I found their responses very funny and entertaining. Perhaps, meeting them this way was much better than meeting them in a serious or formal setting. I smiled and laughed a little along with them. Everyone seemed so kind and humble.
  • We took our seats at the table where the generals were having fun drinking and chatting. Shin seemed to be a in very good mood too and for once he didn’t seem overly concerned about something. I wondered if it was fine for everyone to be so drunk and carefree like this during war. It was true that we were successful in pushing the enemy back, but the war wasn’t over yet.
  • “Ren…” I called Ren softly.
  • “What is it?” he asked as he leaned his head my way to lend me an ear.
  • “Is it ok for everyone to be so drunk? …the war is still going on so…” I asked hesitantly.
  • “It’s ok. Not everyone is drunk. There are unlucky soldiers and some generals that are not participating in the celebration, sadly…” Ren replied reassuringly.
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