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Chapter 193 First Day

  • If we don’t work fast, the number of patients will pile up in no time. Right now, the queue was manageable, and the wounded didn’t have to wait for long to get medical attention. However, if we slowed down now or if more soldiers arrived, things would head for the worst.
  • Unfortunately, I was reminded of that fateful day when my village was attacked, and I had to work just like this. I closed my eyes and shook the thought away from my mind. Unlike then, we had more advance tools here and we had enough medicine. I had to be content with that for now. The rest was up to us.
  • The same couldn’t be said for the other side of battle. The soldiers from my town probably didn’t have enough of anything to heal their injuries. The next patient arrived, and I banished all thoughts to focus on the work at hand.
  • The sun had started to set when the messenger from the front line arrived bearing news that the fighting had ended for the day. Everyone, including myself, let out a huge sigh of relief. The first day was hectic but it was manageable. We were able to take turns at our lunch break and we didn’t have to rush through our cases.
  • “Well done, everyone. We did very well for our first day here. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better for us. Today, we managed to save the lives of every single patient that were brought here. Thank you everyone for helping to make this miracle happen. Let’s quickly wrap up and head back to rest. Tomorrow, we start at the same time early in the morning,” Doctor Kai quickly wrapped up the day.
  • Wow. No patients died today. I closed my eyes and almost cried from relief. I knew that many must have passed away at the frontline where the fighting was, but it was great that we could save everyone that was injured and brought here.
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