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Chapter 192 Our Best

  • I looked in slight confusion at the old man standing right outside Ren’s tent as he smiled politely at me. Ren must have sent him to take care of me while he’s gone. So, this is my new babysitter. Although Ren joked that he would put Shin to the job, I knew that they would both be extremely busy. Ren couldn’t possibly let Shin babysit me when he had so many things that he needed to do.
  • “I’m Rin…nice to meet you,” I politely introduced myself.
  • “I’m General Chang. Sorry but…you’re stuck with me until we wrap up the war here and head back,” the general said with a laugh.
  • “Oh no…it’s my pleasure. Thank you for agreeing to do this…I will try my best not to be a burden to you,” I said humbly.
  • The old general burst out laughing at my directness. He had a low and booming voice which echoed everywhere. The way his face creased when he laughed and smiled made me feel that he must be a very kind-hearted man.
  • “I’m a general but I am a very old man. It’s enough that the crown prince still keeps me around,” the old man said as he stroked his silver long beard.
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