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Chapter 188 Our Way

  • “Because you would have stopped me,” I replied honestly.
  • “You’re right. I would have…but you still should have told me,” Ren said firmly.
  • “I’m sorry…but I really needed to be here. This war concerns my town, my people…and you too…” I tried my best to explain.
  • “If you told me, I could have better prepared for the comfort of your journey and for your safety here,” Ren said with slight regret in his voice.
  • “Ren…” I whispered his name in disbelief. I can’t believe he had just said that.
  • “If you thought that I wouldn’t allow you to be here, then it was your responsibility to convince me until I thought otherwise. I know that you have your reasons and I have mine,” Ren started reprimanding me.
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