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Chapter 187 Straightening Things Out

  • “Stay in this tent. If you leave without my permission, I’ll cut your head off,” Ren commanded before he headed for the exit.
  • I could feel Ren’s menacing glare on me, and my body felt cold with fear. Things have taken a turn for the worst. As Ren left the tent followed by Shin, I was left alone in the large tent. Probably unbeknownst to Ren and Shin, I was far from admitting defeat. If I give up now, then everything will be for naught. Somehow, I’m going to convince Ren to let me work to earn my keep.
  • My legs gave way from the tension, and I flopped down onto one of the chairs. I felt like I needed to cry from all the bottled-up emotions and frustration. However, my brain was too busy planning my next move that no tears came to my eyes. This is not the time for me to shed any useless tears.
  • Knowing that Ren wanted to have a private talk with him, Shin led the way to his own tent which was located nearby. Shin knew that Ren was extremely mad right now, but he had already decided on how he was going to persuade his dear friend. He just had to hope that he would survive long enough in Ren’s presence to complete his talk.
  • Shin entered the tent and Ren followed. The moment that they were inside, Ren pulled his fist back and punched Shin squarely in the face. Shin staggered at the impact of the blow, grabbing a nearby chair to break his fall just in time. After touching his lips, Shin could see blood on his fingers, and he sighed before getting back up onto his feet again.
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