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Chapter 185 Arriving Back Home

  • I nodded to Doctor Kai, signaling that it was fine for him to leave us alone now. The doctor seemed a little worried about me, but he decided to take his leave anyways.
  • “Shin…” I called Shin’s name softly as I came to stand in front of him.
  • “How was the ride?” Shin asked.
  • “It was terrible…but I made it…” I replied honestly.
  • Shin laughed quite loudly at my truthful response. I was sure that he was expecting that. Although I did complain, this much hardship was nothing compared to my old life. He probably didn’t know or had forgotten that I came from this small town, and I lived pretty much in a hut in the forest. I never rode on or owned a horse, so I travelled by foot. Life wasn’t easy for me then…and it definitely wasn’t easy for me now either…
  • “Ready to surprise our prince?” Shin asked after he stopped laughing.
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