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Chapter 181 Making the Most of Tonight

  • I felt the warmth of his large hand on the top of my head as he cradled my head against him. His body against mine felt so warm.
  • “I know that you will. Let’s make the most of the time that we have left,” Ren said seductively before he placed a soft kiss on my forehead.
  • I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes before I nodded my head slightly in agreement. He was right, there’s no point in arguing about anything right now. He’ll do what he must do, and I’ll do what I must do. Tonight, is the night that we should just enjoy our time together.
  • Ren’s face came closer, and I closed my eyes as I offered my lips to him. I moaned softly when his lips met mine and he began kissing me. His lips felt warm and tender, so did his arms as he pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his body in return before I parted my lips invitingly. Ren immediately thrusted his wet tongue into my eagerly anticipating mouth.
  • His lips sucked on mine before his tongue teased mine in an endless dance. I moaned louder into his mouth as our kiss deepened. My mind felt light as Ren filled my thoughts with thoughts of him and the pleasure that he was making me experience. His hands slipped into the loose robe of my nightgown and cupped my naked breasts.
  • The heat of his hand burned my sensitive womanly flesh as I began thrusting my chest towards his hand, begging him for more of his loving attention. Ren continued to kiss me ardently as his hands started massaging my breasts. I felt my nipples growing rigid from the stimulations of his skillful hands.
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