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Chapter 18 Birth of Lady White Lotus

  • Ok. In other words, this auntie is the manager of the Crown Prince’s harem. What an interesting job to have. If I must live here or find a way out as fast as possible, it will be extremely important to remain on Chen’s good side.
  • “It is an honor to meet you…umm…Miss Chen…” I replied with the warmest smile I could muster.
  • “You can call me Auntie Chen. Everyone, please leave us alone for a moment,” Auntie Chen replied before turning to wave off the others in the room.
  • With swift bows they turned to leave the room, quietly closing the door behind them. Suddenly, I was left alone with Auntie Chen. I breathed in deeply a few times to calm my own heat beat. For some reason, I had a very gad feeling about this and the atmosphere is making me nervous. I looked down to see that my hand were balled together and my palms were sweating slightly.
  • “There is no need to be nervous. I am here to guide and prepare you. You can ask me any questions and I will give you some tips on how to become successful,” Auntie Chen continued speaking in her warm yet professional voice. It appears she has been through this same or similar conversation at least a hundred times in her career.
  • “I was asking this earlier but…what are you all preparing me for?” I asked in a soft and slightly cautious voice.
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