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Chapter 176 Pressure

  • Instead, I wrapped a robe around myself before heading towards the door to see what was going on. Slowly, I slid the door open a crack to see a nervous-looking maid standing in front of my bedroom door.
  • “Good morning, what is it that you need?” I asked politely.
  • “Umm…excuse me, My Lady…but there’s an urgent message from the emperor to the crown prince…” the maid said before she bowed low and extended the letter in her hand towards me.
  • I opened the door wider so that I could reach out for the letter. After taking it in my hand, I told the maid that she could leave and thanked her. She seemed very relief to be excused. My attention immediately went to the letter that was in my hand. It must be something urgent…
  • Quickly, I returned to the bed and nudged softly on Ren’s shoulder. If it’s a letter from the emperor, then I should give it to Ren as soon as possible. It could be something very urgent about work and I was afraid that Ren would get into trouble if he didn’t respond. Perhaps, the emperor is even summoning him.
  • “Ren…” I called his name softly.
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