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Chapter 17 The Harem Manager

  • “You…come this way,” the senior eunuch said suddenly.
  • “You mean…me?” I asked in slight confusion as I pointed to myself. Did he mean me?
  • “Yes, you. Come here with me,” the eunuch replied in a desperate voice as he beckoned me to follow him with his hand.
  • Hesitantly, I started to follow him. I didn’t know where he was leading me, but he was leading me away from the group of women. I looked back over my shoulder as the group of women walked further away in the other direction. Where is he taking me?
  • “The Emperor has graciously decided to let you stay in the White Lotus palace. You should consider yourself extremely lucky to have earned yourself such a reward on your first day at the Grand Palace,” the eunuch explained as if to answer my unasked question.
  • Not that I knew what the White Lotus palace is. As far as I was aware, the fact that Ren seemed to show some interest in me by simply talking to me during the session has earned me a palace. In other words, I get a slightly bigger room to myself than the rest of the other woman because I saved his life. Well…that’s great.
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