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Chapter 168 One Again

  • We continued to kiss as he ran his hands over the curves of my body, making me sigh and moan into his kiss from the pleasure. His caresses were making my body heat up as desire started building up inside of me. It was clear that Ren was trying his best to be patient and gentle with me. He took his time undressing me, trailing small kisses on all parts of my body as he unveiled them. My neck, my chest, my stomach and then finally my thighs. 
  • “Ren…” I called out his name softly once he had undressed me completely. 
  • “Are you ok?” Ren asked with concern. 
  • “Yes. May I undress you?” I asked a little shyly. 
  • Ren was definitely surprised by my suggestion, but he just nodded his approval. I helped him out of his clothes before we fell down onto the bed together. I laid under him as he got on top of me and all I could see was Ren. For some reason, Ren seemed very hesitant as he sat in between my legs. 
  • “Is something…wrong?” I asked. 
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