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Chapter 165 Conversations with an Angel

  • I flinched back in fear at her very hostile attitude. Her frail arms reached out between the bars towards me and I quicky took a few steps backward. Shin took a few steps forward towards us immediately and the look on his face was grave. 
  • “Shin, wait!” I cried out to stop him. 
  • Shin halted before turning to look at me to make sure that I was alright before turning to look at Jeely. I could tell that Shin was concerned for me; however, it wasn’t like Jeely could physically hurt me since she was behind bars. I nodded a little to Shin to signal that I was ok. Hesitantly, Shin backed away into the shadows again. 
  • “Jeely. It’s not like that. Since I’ve seen your arrest, I’ve been talking to the crown prince to help you. If you can just tell me what really happened or if this was some type of misunderstanding, then I’m sure...” I began saying; however, Jeely’s hysterical laugh cut me off.
  • “Misunderstanding? There is no such thing…” Jeely said in between gritted teeth. 
  • “You can’t mean…” I whispered in shock. 
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