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Chapter 163 Understanding

  • Finally, I managed to say everything that I needed to say. I finally told him everything that really happened that day. What happens from now will be up to Ren. 
  • “Let go of me…” Ren said softly as he tugged on my arms. 
  • Slowly, I let go of him and he turned around to face me. Before I could say anything more, Ren pulled me into a tight hug. His arms hugged me tightly to him as his large hand cradled the back of my head, pushing my head against his chest. I started sobbing softly into his embrace as he continued to hold me. 
  • “Rin…I’m sorry,” Ren whispered softly as he stroked my back comfortingly. 
  • I blinked in surprise. Did Ren just apologize to me? This is probably the first time that he properly apologized to me. No, this is probably the first time I have ever heard Ren apologize. I stood there stunned at his sudden apology. The crown prince just apologized to me. To be honest, I was more shocked than happy at that moment. 
  • “Ren…” I whispered his name.
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