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Chapter 160 Unfortunate Truth

  • “I’ll try…” I replied. 
  • “If you don’t think of yourself, you should think of your future child. You’ve already slept with him, right? You could already be with child,” Shin said casually.
  • I couldn’t blame him for his words because he probably didn’t know how much it impacted me. Once again, Shin was thinking for my own good. I bit my lower lip as my hand instinctively touched my abdomen. I didn’t just sleep with Ren; we’ve done it so many times…
  • When we finally arrived at Ren’s palace, Shin led me to his study where we found Ren sitting with a frown on his face at his work desk. I remembered the last time I was here, I helped him clean up the room and organized documents. It was a very fun day with a light and cheerful atmosphere. Although it was the exact same room, the atmosphere was dark and overly serious today. 
  • “Why did you bring her here?” Ren spoke up without looking in our direction. 
  • “Lady White Lotus would like to speak to you. I’ll take my leave now,” Shin said and quickly excused himself. 
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