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Chapter 158 Regaining Freedom

  • We repeated these loops of arguments and passionate love making for almost a week while I was locked up in his room. It was probably on the sixth or seventh day, I didn’t even bother to count the days anymore, that Shin came to let me out. 
  • It was an utter disappointment that tore at my heart that the man who finally let me out of that place was Shin and not Ren. I wasn’t sure how Shin came to know of our issue or how he managed to let me out or if he had Ren’s permission. I was deeply disappointed, but I was thankful to regain a little of my freedom back. The saddest part was that after almost a week, Ren and I were still not able to reach any kind of understanding. 
  • “General Shin…” 
  • I heard a man’s voice outside. It must be one of the guards that were guarding my room. If I didn’t hear incorrectly, then Shin was here.
  • Shin! Shin is here?!
  • A few words were exchanged and then I heard the sound of the door being unlocked from the outside. It wasn’t noon yet so usually Ren wouldn’t be back. Is Shin here alone? 
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