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Chapter 151 Punishing Love

  • Ren kept on kissing me while his hands continued to pleasure my breasts. He’s being so rough with me, but I couldn’t stop body from wanting more of his rough caresses. I wanted to feel his hands directly on my naked skin and I wanted him to touch me more. 
  • Ren’s hands left my breasts as he sat up a little before his hand quickly began pulling on my clothes to undress me. Impatiently, Ren’s hands tore at my clothes, parting the fabric to the side to reveal my naked chest and stomach to him. His hands then pulled the fabric away from my legs and removed the sleeves from my arms until I was laying naked beneath him. Ren sat up just enough so that he could rip his clothes off his body as well. It wasn’t long before his muscular and beautiful body was naked on top of me. I felt the heat of his skin directly on mine as he lay on top of me, skin-on-skin this time. 
  • “Ren…” I called out his name softly. 
  • Although he was giving me immense pleasure that I couldn’t help but want more. It just felt different from the other times that he made love to me. To be honest, I couldn’t feel any care in his actions at all. It just didn’t feel like him at all. Every time he touched or kissed me, I couldn’t feel his joy or pleasure. All I felt was his pain and his grief. 
  • Even now, Ren wouldn’t look at me and if he did, it was like he didn’t see me. I had no idea how to reach him and I was starting to regret not telling him the truth. 
  • Without paying attention to my call of his name, his large hands bent my legs before pulling them wide apart. I cried out at the sudden action as I felt my love entrance being stretched open. Ren was panting hard with lust, and I could feel his heated gaze on my womanly entrance in between my spread legs. My pussy was pulsating and throbbing with heat deep inside. 
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