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Chapter 147 Indecision & Doubt

  • There was no one here who could help him look for Rin and going back to the palace to bring a search party would take too much time. If he asked for help and his or her identity is revealed, she could be in even more danger from thieves and the like. He had no option but to go search for Rin himself. The biggest question was where to look. 
  • Ren looked down the path that the crowd seemed to have travel. If Rin was swept up by the crowd, then she probably went that way, he thought before he began running at full speed down the path. The path was quite clear of people now as most people had already left. Running past a couple of men, Ren paused and asked them if they had seen a woman that resembled Rin. 
  • “Sorry, we’re not sure…” the man replied, shaking his head. 
  • “Thank you…” Ren thanked them softly. 
  • It wasn’t like he was expecting any leads. Rin was dressed up well enough, but she still looked just like any more well-off commoner. There was nothing on her that would be memorable to a passerby. Even if someone had seen Rin, they probably did not remember her. He cursed softly under his breath as he racked his brain on how to find her. 
  • He prayed that she was safe and uninjured, that was his first and foremost wish. Ren continued down the path on his search for Rin. After a while of searching in the area, he was still unable to find her or any traces of her. He was sure that he had searched everywhere in the close vicinity of the festival. He stopped in his tracks as he reconsidered the situation. 
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