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Chapter 130 Pain in His Heart

  • The next day, I was working at the hospital again. Today was no different from the other days, the hospital was swamp with patients. I had no idea where the patients came from but there seemed to be endless supply of patients. Most of them were injured soldiers that were sent for some serious treatment. 
  • Fortunately, that support the area that I wanted to study and practice. However, it was unfortunate that so many people got hurt from battles and wars. I had no idea up until recently, that the empire was constantly at war. The peace that I observed here in the capital wasn’t common in cities at the boarder or close to it. 
  • I was busy helping a royal doctor stitch up a leg wound when there was a ruckus outside. My stomached lurched at the sound and I had a feeling that I knew what was happening outside. 
  • “You should go…” the old doctor whispered to me. 
  • It was clear that he had the same thoughts as I did. 
  • “Umm…yea…” I mumbled in reply. 
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