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Chapter 13 Demands

  • “These are the demands from our Emperor. If the Town of Amber Leaves can agree to all of these conditions, we will accept your surrender and stop the battle,” Shin stated officially before reading out all the terms present in the scroll.
  • The terms included very common terms such as taxes to be paid in money or as crops. Ability for the Empire to use and control the land and population as it sees fit. The condition for complete surrender and loyalty as part of the Flame Dragon Empire. All terms were common, and nothing stood out except for one in which Shin read with more emphasis than the rest. After all, this term was just recently added by the emperor himself less than a month prior to this.
  • “As for the final condition, the Town of Amber Leaves agrees to send the most beautiful and talented virgin to represent the town as an ambassador. The ambassador will live in the Imperial palace for the rest of her life and serve the Empire in good faith. That is all,”
  • “Sir, we agree to all the conditions. However, I do not have a daughter to offer to the Empire. My only daughter died from an illness when she was but a child…” the Town ruler pleaded while on his knees.
  • “Well…that’s unfortunate, but you see, no where in the terms does it state that it has to be the ruler’s daughter. The term just states that the most beautiful and talented virgin be sent to the Empire. Of course, you’re more than welcomed to send more than one if you want the Empire to favor your town more. After all, competition between towns for the favor of the main Empire is fierce,” Shin replied briskly but with a chilling smile. He knew well why the emperor had explicitly added this term, twisting the norm that existed before.
  • Before it was common for the conqueror to ask for a young child from the main bloodline of the ruler to hold as a hostage in the Imperial palace to ensure that the conquered town behaves well. However, the Emperor hated that rule as he cared too much for the children and didn’t deem them necessary for the Empire to control the states and town, so he had that rule completely removed. That was until around a month ago when the rule was added back into the terms but with a twist. Instead of asking for the oldest child of the ruler, it asked explicitly for the most desirable women. All of this was for the sake of beefing up the Crown Prince’s harem with the hope to produce some heirs for the Empire. The emperor has gotten desperate regarding this matter.
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