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Chapter 128 Crown Prince in the Hospital

  • After a while, I began enjoying his wild and powerful thrusts. It was like he had ignited another kind of fire inside of me and my body was responding wildly to him. I wrapped my legs around him as he lifted my hips off the bed. He pumped his cock into me faster as he changed the angle of my pussy to stimulate me from a whole new angle. 
  • I never knew that being penetrated by a man’s cock would feel this addictingly pleasurable. It was only my second time taking his cock inside of me, but it already felt so good. I wondered if it would feel even better the next time that we do it? 
  • I blushed wildly at my own dirty thoughts. We were still in the middle of our second time, and I was already looking forward to the next time. Without knowing how it started, I had started to desire having these intimate acts with Ren. 
  • I snapped out of my thoughts, when Ren detangled my legs from around him and began lifting one of my legs up instead. He lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder. I felt my pussy being stretched in a new way and suddenly when he thrusted inside of me, it felt so different from before. His cock was hitting me deeper than before and at a different angle…and it felt so amazing…
  • My eyes widened at this new possibility that sex with Ren could feel even better than it already did. The pleasure that he was making me experience felt so new and endless. 
  • It didn’t take long for me to feel my climax approaching me once again. I honestly couldn’t take his wild thrusts anymore. It felt too blissful for me to handle, and I cried his name loudly when my climax claimed me. My whole body spasmed uncontrollably as my pussy clenched and squirted my hot love juices onto his dick. 
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