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Chapter 125 Devotion

  • The doctors were shocked, and it showed on their faces. Ren, on the other hand, closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. I could guess that he too was at least, dissatisfied with my answer. However, my will will not waver. I had thought deep and hard about my decision. If Ren wouldn’t change his ways of wanting or needing to go to war then, I must find some way to be useful to him and the soldiers on the battlefield. 
  • Since it was obvious that I had little use physically fighting a battle, I arrived at the conclusion that I could join the medical team when the army marched off to battle. I’ll treat the wounded soldiers and keep as many of them alive as possible and if Ren got hurt, then I’ll treat him too. 
  • That was the conclusion that I had reached. 
  • “I beg your pardon, My Lady…” the doctor managed to say softly and hesitantly as his eyes darted around in all directions in his panic. 
  • I guess, I just dropped a huge bomb on them there…
  • “Lady White Lotus…we shall discuss this when we are alone,” Ren said, his tone dark. 
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