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Chapter 121 Becoming One

  • I gasped when he turned to me and pulled me into his arms. Then his lips were on mine, and I could taste the bitter taste of alcohol in my mouth. The alcohol entered my mouth along with his tongue as he fed me the alcohol through his kiss. The bitter taste of the alcohol filled my mouth before its heat ran down my throat as I swallowed. Ren continued to kiss me deeply and I moaned into his kiss as I felt my body melt in his embrace. 
  • “Now you can say that you were drunk…and that the crown prince wasn’t playing fair…” Ren whispered to me after he broke our kiss. 
  • I gasped for air as he traced the outlines of my lower lip with the pad of his thumb. 
  • “Ren…” I whispered his name, completely spellbound by his charms. 
  • It wasn’t that I didn’t want him or that I needed alcohol for an excuse. 
  • “You can blame everything on me…and the alcohol…” Ren said as he slowly pushed me down onto the bed. 
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