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Chapter 12 Code Black

  • After treating that patient, we had a short meeting with the other healers as the situation headed for the worst-case scenario. We all knew what that meant as he stared wordlessly into each other’s eyes and nodded sadly.
  • “We can’t go on like this anymore…so from now on…it’s code Black…” Uncle Gobei stated what was already on everyone’s mind. It took courage and authority from a senior doctor to say those words because it meant that from now on, we would be forsaking the lives of some patients. That’s right, we’re going to leave some of them to die…
  • Code Black. The situation that no medical practitioner wants to find him or herself in. Ever. In emergency situations where there are more patients than the medical staff could handle, patients will be categorized based on their probability of survival. Only those labelled as having high and medium probability of survival will be given treatment. Those that were beyond saving were automatically categorized as Black and will receive no medical attention.
  • That’s right, we are now mandated to leave some people to die. I bit my lower lip, all the while my hands were moving to treat the patient lying on his back in front of me on a stretcher. Looking up momentarily was a mistake, all I saw were more patients being rushed in, all on stretchers. Shit.
  • “How far have we progressed?” Ren asked his messengers from the frontlines in a calm voice.
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