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Chapter 115 Brothers and Plans

  • “Emperor, there is no such thing in my possession,” Prince Kin denied immediately. 
  • “It won’t be hard for me to track down the exact person who sold it to you…and then I will go on to destroy their whole chain of trade and production. After all, you are aware that love potions are illegal in this empire, are you not?” Ren said as he stared down his younger brother. 
  • Prince Kin seemed shocked at Ren’s apparent threat. 
  • “It is based on the emperor’s and the high court’s will that My Lady and I have been working hard on producing the next heir to the throne. I am grateful for My Lady’s love and devotion and believe that we will achieve our objective in the very near future,” Ren said as he came to stand next to my chair and placed a hand on my shoulder. 
  • Ok…what the hell is he saying now?! 
  • If Prince Kin could lie smoothly, apparently, so can his older brother. Did these two men take acting classes when they were younger? Was it part of the training curriculum for the princes? 
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