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Chapter 110 Forbidden Pleasure

  • “Ahhh…Prince Kin…” Jeely moaned as her desire started taking over her mind and body. 
  • While Jeely was enjoying his attention on her breasts, his hand had started sliding down her body to the heat in between legs. Jeely whimpered at the unusual sensation of her womanly flower being touched when the prince’s fingers started caressing her wetness. 
  • “Your pretty flower here is flooded with nectar…it’s so wet, Jeely...” Prince Kin said as his fingertips ran up and down the flooded opening in between Jeely’s legs. 
  • Jeely panicked at the feel of his fingers touching and stroking her most private parts. No one has ever touched her there; not even the crown prince. Although she knew that this was all wrong, her body wouldn’t stop responding to the pleasure. Even now, she could feel her love honey gushing out from her hole onto his fingers. 
  • “Spread your legs. I want to see your pussy open up to me…” the prince instructed. 
  • His large hands tugged her thighs wide open. Jeely felt her womanly entrance stretch open while Prince Kin held her thighs in place. 
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