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Chapter 102 Taking Over Me

  • His eyes were on me as he waited for me to do as he had commanded. I hesitated for a brief moment, before I steeled my resolve and started undoing the sash of the robe that I was wearing. If this was what Ren wanted and what is required for me to regain his trust, then…
  • No pain…no gain…right?
  • After undoing the sash around my waist, I parted the front of the robe to the side and slowly slipped the sleeves off each of my arms. Slowly, I let the robe fall to the ground. My entire naked body was exposed to Ren’s sight as I stood there in front of him, the robe that I had on before now a pool of silk at my feet.
  • Feeling very vulnerable from my own nakedness, I tried to cover my body up with my arms. That brought about a displeased look on Ren’s face.
  • “Hands and arms to your side. Don’t cover yourself,” Ren ordered curtly. 
  • I lowered my arms just like he had ordered, exposing my entire naked body to him as his eyes feasted on me. The heat of his gaze burned me as I stood there in front of him. It wasn’t the first time that Ren has seen me without clothing, but this time felt very different from the others. 
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