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Chapter 10

  • I covered my ears with my pillow, always hating the sound of the alarm. Can't believe it is 5am already, so soon! It wasn't long before I went to bed. Turning off the alarm I coiled back to bed, sleeping for a few more minutes before getting off the bed.
  • With sleepy eyes I staggered, finding my way to my bathroom still feeling sleepy. Why did I come up with this stupid plan, I wonder. Remembering the good old days when I worked for Dad, I smiled. Working for him was pure bliss, I resume by 10am and close by 2pm. Didn't have to put up with this stress.
  • Closing my eyes, I let the water rush down my body, letting out a sigh of relief. I love this newly installed artificial intelligence that has been installed, I don't have to put on the shower before the water starts rushing.
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