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Complete Me

Complete Me


Update: 2021-10-26

Chapter 1

  • Resting on the balcony in my bedroom, I watch in amazement observing the view. Regardless of how many times I sit here I am always amazed, the view is so beautiful. From my balcony, I can see everything clearly from the tall buildings in the city, to the beautiful sunset, down to passers by walking. As I continued gazing, my eyes fell on a mother and her child, a middle aged man and a married couple laughing while strolling.
  • I couldn't resist the smile that came to my face. I felt a longing, The yearning so deep my eyes began to water, but not the type that causes alarm. A happy and sad one, it is more like a mixed emotion.
  • I wiped the tears from my eyes quickly, afraid that someone might see since my sisters are always entering my room.
  • My name is Catherine, but my friends and family call me Cathy. I turned 22 last month, June 24 to be precise. I am done with college, graduated from Harvard University with a first class in Business Management, got my masters degree also in business management in Cambridge University. Never had a boyfriend or been in love probably because I've been busy with school and trying to find a balance in my life. I am 5ft 3inch, and curvy.
  • I am beautiful, with 3C natural medium black curly hair that compliments my fair skin perfectly. Suddenly without warning my thoughts were interrupted with the sound of someone screaming from the hallway my name.
  • "Catherine! Catherine!!, Oh goodness where could this girl be?"
  • Patty is calling. Her name is Patricia, she is the elder sister whom I often address as Patty.
  • "I am Coming" Screaming I run off to meet her, she is already halfway to my bedroom.
  • "There you are, have been calling, why didn't you respond?"
  • "I am sorry Patty I didn't hear you " Panting a little. I followed behind her back to my room.
  • "I came to tell you that you need to get dressed for tonight, we're having a guest over and you need to be on your best behavior because my soon to be in-laws will be joining us for dinner. I am so excited, can't wait to see Michael again".
  • "I am so happy for you sis, you are so lucky" I said smiling
  • "Of course I am lucky, it's quite unfortunate you're not so lucky in love." She trailed looking at me with pity.
  • "Yes you're right."
  • Looking down, unable to look at her eyes, feeling sad for myself.
  • "Don't think about it too hard okay, everything will be fine"
  • "Okay, thanks sis"
  • Patting my head gently, she left my room. Patricia is a beauty, not just an ordinary beauty but a beauty with brains.
  • Everyone loves her. She is outspoken, social and fun to be with. On the other hand I am boring, reserved and an introvert. Feeling bad I sat on my bed.
  • Well, at least I am not ugly, so that should be enough. Smiling, I console myself with that. I just need the self-confidence to prove it to myself