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Chapter 13 Zero: To Be Great

  • Turstin managed to make it to his home where he placed the slumbering Roselia in his bed after entering.
  • "She must have been worried sick about me."
  • Sighing, he watched her sleep. Her features so enchanting caused him to smile. His heartbeat for her ever since he was a young boy. Some say children didn't know about love at such a young age, but he was aware that as soon as he saw her, he wanted her to be with him.
  • "Sleep well, my love." He whispered, moving his eyes to the shelves to the left of them.
  • He examined them thoroughly taking medicines and a photo of his grandfather and himself when he was just graduating from the academy. Smiling, he took the picture and pocketed it.
  • "I sure miss you, grandfather. I know you are up there watching me now and you must be proud of me. I've finally gotten that glow from the gate. It's my time to shine! Heh, it's time to become everyone's savior ."
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