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Dia Berdlay

Update: 2021-10-19

Chapter 1 Alexa White and ex boss William King

  • Inside the Panda Martial Art's School, Alex White was busy showing her young students how to break bricks in one swift motion of her right hand when her brother Donald White suddenly appeared in the middle of the floor and called her name, "Alexa, to the office now."
  • Alexa's hand froze on the air. She was annoyed, but still stopped what she was doing and stood up. Her brother rarely disturbed her if she was busy teaching inside the gym. It must be something important. He gestured her to follow him to his office. Her brother would not stop her unless it was an urgent matter.
  • Clapping her hands three times, and facing the young students, she shouted in a commanding voice. "Okey, hear ya, strong men, let us rest for a while, drink your water! Senior Leader Gary, come forward and take over."
  • Hearing his name called, the lanky ten-year-old Gary ran to the center and bowed., "Aye, aye, Master Alex!" He then turned around and faced the group of young karate students, approximately fifteen of them, ages five years old to seven.
  • "Listen up, young men, fall in line to the water station!"
  • "Yes sir, yes sir!" The group of youthful voices chorused and straightened their bodies, pulled their white karate uniform, and marched away.
  • Alexa secretly smiled. She was really fond of teaching enthusiastic young boys. Gary was still young at ten years old and calling another young student "young men" was simply hilarious. But she had to hide her smile so as not to embarrass the young, thin man.
  • Seeing that the young children fell in one harmonious line, Alexa then ran to his brother's office, and her feet were lightly jumping off the floor. Her bangs were also jumping up and down with her short, soft hair. Her dimples deepened while her cheeks became pinky.
  • In an exaggerated move, Alexa opened the door leading to her brother's office and shouted, "Heeeeyahhh!!!!".
  • After thumping her feet, she puffed her short bangs and made a karate action move like that of "Bruce Lee's" famous move by twisting her body left and right. She even turned her face left to right and right to left, her tiny mouth forming an "O" as she mimicked the "woo" "woo" of Bruce Lee. Her moves were so energetic that her brother had to chuckle in his seat.
  • Remembering that they had a visitor, his brother harrumphed. "hmm." Why did he have such an unladylike sister? He thought. She looked like a childish Bruce Lee, who would be scared of her "wooo-wooo, yeah yeah?" His brother shook his head to show his disapproval. Then gestured his head towards the man sitting at the opposite corner.
  • Alexa followed her brother's eyes, pointing to the other side of the room. When she turned around, she was surprised to see a tall man wearing a tailored all-black suit sitting lazily on the black couch in the corner. He looked at her with his usual mocking eyes. His long fingers were topping the armrest.
  • Alexa immediately frowned. Her excitement to teach for the day was instantly dampened. Her happy mood dropped to a bad mood. In short, her nice day was now ruined.
  • "Hmmmmmmppppp." Alexa gritted her teeth loudly to express her disgust. She put down forcefully her raised leg and placed her hands on her hips.
  • Alexa thought, how dare this arrogant, scumbag, stingy playboy appeared in her brother's office after humiliating her, insulting her, and then firing her without giving her salary!.
  • Walking to her brother's side, Alexa ignored the man; after all, she had nothing to do with him anymore. He was no longer her Boss; thus, she could treat him as nothing but air.
  • "Yes, brother, Donald, what is up? The air was good this morning; how come it smells bad like somebody farted just now? " Alexa smiled sweetly at her brother. Apparently, her insulting words were directed to some thick-faced person.
  • "Sit down, Mr. William King has something to say." Her brother Donald said warmly. His fingers pointed to the chair in front of her. Alexa respected his older brother, but she had no respect for the other man sitting on the corner.
  • "Who? Who? Who has something to say to me?" Alexa rolled her eyes around the room and pretended not to see anyone. "There is no one here. Alright, I am going back to the gym."
  • Alexa had no interest in staying longer in the same room with the scumbag. She was again irritated after seeing the arrogant man sitting like an emperor in her brother's office.
  • Before Alexa was able to turn around, she heard the scumbag said." Come back to work."
  • Alexa snorted, shrugged her shoulders then lifted her chin. "Brother Donald, I am busy. I am going back to the gym. I do not need to work with badmouthed people. Even if the salary is high, I'd rather starve and teach wonderful young children than do dirty jobs.
  • Eeew." Alexa could not forget how she was humiliated by that scumbag. So what if he was the Boss? Did he have the right to call her names in front of people?
  • Alexa remembered clearly that he called her "Idiot, stupid, brainless yellow chicken, fuck you!" in front of so many people simply because she forgot to bring his black party suit. How would she know he was attending a party that night? Was she a mind reader?
  • Alexa was ready to leave the room when the arrogant, emotionless man spoke again. "Come back to work, and I will double your salary, give you a weekly bonus plus 100 currencies for every bad word I said to you, to be added to your salary."
  • Alexa stopped in her tracks. Double her salary? Plus weekly bonus and 100 currencies per every bad word? Her bright mind immediately calculated the total money. Well, whenever that man lost his temper, he could spurt a dozen "fuck you"!
  • She ignored him and waited for him to curse her with "Fuck you Alex!"
  • Counting one, two, three, four... a miracle! He did not curse her, so she turned around, her eyes quizzical.
  • "Stop your drama, follow me." He only said coldly, and shifted his long leg, then crossed it over.
  • Her boss really looked rich and handsome and also gave a handsome pay, but should she believe him?
  • Well, well, well. With that kind of salary, she could help her brother pay the medical cost of her mother's treatment, Alexa thought.