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Chapter 6

  • Sebastian LordWere they twins, related, or was just this a coincidence? The answer left a deep void in his heart. The longing, the misery started to haunt him back. Sebastian walked backed and in front of his study room.
  • After seeing July Du for the first time, he was restless.
  • When night came, like Lady Julieta, Sebastian Lord had a troubled night. He tossed left and right, but his eyes would not close to sleep. He decided to stand up and poured himself a red wine.
  • It was said that red wine had seeds, skin, and flesh of grapes that contained melatonin, the same hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain that controlled sleep cycles. Because red wine was fermented, this process increased the amount of melatonin.
  • So it stood to reason that red wine made a person sleepy. It also stood to reason that since red wines had more contact with the skin, the melatonin levels in red wine would ultimately be higher and more soporific.
  • After a bottle, SebastianLords was hit with deep sleep.
  • The following early morning, his phone rang loudly. His headache still hanged on his temples.
  • So when his father summoned him to attend the cooperation meeting with the KGC chairwoman, he had to drag his body to the shower. He had to see that Lady Julieta again and her ascension to power.
  • When Sebastian Lords entered the conference hall, the ascension had begun. He saw that the woman had already sat in the middle of the platform.
  • She sat like a noble queen, and except for their face's similarity, there was none. July Du was an orphan who had a bright, innocent disposition.
  • Thus he bent his head and walked heavily to join the conference that just started.
  • His mind was running far with his aching heart. In turmoil, he could but sigh as he played with his pen on the table.
  • He continued to listen to the voice of Lady Julieta, the same voice of July. Loneliness engulfed him, and he wished he was somewhere else.
  • The longer he listened, the more convinced he was that this Lady Julieta is July Du.
  • He had longed to meet her again, and the new young chairwoman who spoke second ago just reminded him too much of that orphan July Du whom he sincerely loved.
  • And his wretched heart was again controlling his sanity. Sebastian Lords could not even lift his head as he tried to mask down the anger and desolation creeping on his eyes.
  • This Lady Julieta, this July Du or whoever she portrayed herself to be, also ignored him with a flash.
  • He purposely made his entrance known to her, but her eyes saw no recognition. Not a flicker of acknowledgment that she knew who walked in. She looked passively at him and dismissed him as a total stranger.
  • But the more he listened to her voice, the more certain Sebastian is that woman was July Du wrapped with all the lies and pretenses.
  • Well, she wrapped him around her fingers with her drama of being a poor orphan with no cent to pay her hospital bills and university bills. How she must have laughed at his stupidity.
  • "Am I a toy to have fun with?" Sebastian Lords hissed. If July Du thought that Sebastian Lords was a toy, he decided to make her pay.
  • Sebastian Lords angrily whispered, "Nobody plays with me and gets away with it. I will make you pay a billion more with your billions of lies. If I do find out that you are July Du, I marked you, Lady Julieta."
  • Sebastian Lords sarcastically smiled with his newly formed vengeance
  • .He then slowly raised his eyes towards her. It was also at that moment that Lady Julieta suddenly turned her head in Sebastian's direction.
  • She saw his devil's smirk, like a foreboding warning of battle to come. There was only wicked contempt on his eyes.
  • Thus Lady Julieta met Sebastian's fuming glare with her iciest, villainous glare.
  • She concluded that the scumbag was into her after all. How dare him threw an insulting look at her? If she was able to suppress her resentment a while ago, then not this time.
  • Her eyes were rolling in balls of fire of contempt towards the man. She nodded her head lightly towards him, like a bull ready to charge.
  • Their eyes were locked in a raging battle for a long time.The war is silently and tacitly declared. The war starts—the war between Billionaires.