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Chapter 21

  • I wondered how Diana arrived at such an observation. I looked at Benny, raising my eyebrows.
  • He chuckled. "I told Diana about the incident." He admitted.
  • I sighed and looked back at Diana, "I guess he is giving me my first headache. Sebastian remains a rogue, thinking he is the only technological server in this country? And breach my foot, he can fuck up in all his legal thugs, and I do not care. Besides, Benny here is the wiser. Sebastian can not beat Benny, am I correct?"
  • Benny Tang smiled brightly at me and frowned back after seeing something on the notes on our table. "We have a problem in here; look at this clause." He pointed to the last portion. As a lawyer, he was quick and intelligent, so I have total trust in him.
  • Wanting to irritate Diana for mentioning Sebastian Lord, I taunted her by asking Benny, "Where is it, husband dear? Please point to the clause."
  • Diana frowned upon hearing me calling Benny "husband." I know she was jealous every time I taunted her, but she hid her emotions. I wonder how long she could last trying to appear uncaring. I gave her a chance before to object to my marriage to Benny, but she stood like a doormat. She agreed to this marriage; therefore, she should suffer with me.
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