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Chapter 14

  • Every day, I tirelessly looked for Sebastian Lords using my resources.
  • But every day, sad news would return that Sebastian Lords had disappeared on the face of the earth. I even put a spy on Sebastian Lords's household, but they too were reticent.
  • It was as if Sebastian Lords had not gone missing, and their lives went on like the spring weather. 
  • I waited by the lake where we often met before going to M university, but sunset would soon engulf me, still not a trace of Sebastian. 
  • I had counted every leaf that dropped to pass the time, yet not a word. Even his friends were also without a hint. But in the past, Sebastian had often came and out of the university, and they presumed he would soon reappear. 
  • I did not notice that I lost too much weight and could not hold to my turmoil; one morning, I just collapsed outside of the balcony. I felt faint; cold sweats budded on my skin. My knees could not hold to my body.
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