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Chapter 10

  • Six years ago
  • Lady Julieta POV
  • I thought to myself, "Oh my, that hormonal voice again." Okay, please continue your worry and keep holding my hand" that was what I wanted to say, but I did not say a word. 
  • I only dropped my hand shyly and bent my head with a sigh. I even looked down, unable to meet his gaze, which was not me at all.
  • Then I said, "please, Mr. Sebastian, no need to worry yourself with an orphan like me. I am used with the harshness of life, with sorrow and pain that another brick in my head would hardly add to my agony".
  • With a small pitiful voice, I added, "Please, you can go home now. You can leave me alone. I can take care of myself. In a little while, I will be well. Thank you so much for your concern. I am used to this pain".
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