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Chapter 3 Hidden Grudge

  • Salana P. O. V
  • I felt so tired right now as we almost reached the crest or the middle part of the mountain.
  • "Ah! I feel tired already, let's just take a break from climbing first," I said while catching my breathe. "You're so weak, Salana. But, as we reached the crest of the mountain, we really need to rest first." Bonny said. I looked at him with a smile and uttered the word, "Thank you."
  • "Yeah! This journey is too tiring, but I know there's a good result to come!" Torry exclaimed, and it made me to looked at her seriously with a smile. "And what is it, Torry? It made you really happy, uh?" I asked woth a broad smile. They just laughed like an evil. So, the broad smile on my face vanished and replace by a curious glared to all of them.
  • "Hey, what's that for creepy laugh? It triggered my goosebumps," I said. They just shut their mouth and sat on the grass while inhaling the pure and clean air from the nature. "Nothing, don't mind us." Bonny said while his eyes closed and looking up to the sky where all the star shines.
  • "You're became weird lately, guys..." I whispered while stargaze also. How I wish, I will die in like a beautiful scene like this.
  • "The rose soon be bathed by blood," Someone whispered directly to my ears. So, I stood up.
  • "Hey! Don't trick me guys!" I shouted. So, they looked at me curiously. "Are you hallucinating, Lana? As you see, you're just the only one in your place." Ohio said. So, I sat again and sighed.
  • "Hays, don't mind me. I think, I'm too tired. So, I heard things," I said, and it made them to stood up.
  • "Oh my gosh! It's probably a ghost who is said to be whispering weird deep words to other hikers!" Florida shouted. So, I jumped out and ran towards them.
  • "Gezzz! We need to leave this place immediately!" I yelled. So, we walk faster going out the place.
  • "Holy molly, I almost pee on my pants! So, the paranormal activity here were all true!" Troy shouted, and it made us laughed so hard. "You're almost pee on your pants? What a brave man hahaha!" Torry said, sarcastically. Troy just looked awkwardly at us.
  • "By the way, where did you start your plan?" I asked. Bonny smirked at me. "Why are you rushing us, Lana?" Bonny asked. So, I rolled my eyes. "Because, I don't want us to go further anymore. We need to go back to bus immediately." I replied. So, Bonny chuckled and walked towards the cliff.
  • "Oh my goodness! Lana, look at this! I saw something at the hollow part of the cliff!" Bonny shouted. So, I ran quickly to his place and sneak at the cliff, and I was surprised when Bonny kick me suddenly that made me out of balance and fall off the cliff. But, fortunately, I manage to hold at the edge of the cliff.
  • "Bonny! Why did you do that?! Help me!" I shouted angrily. Bonny just laughed.
  • "Guys! Go here now! Our plan is at near success!" Bonny shouted excitedly, and it made me stunned. "W-What a-are you saying?" I asked, and I couldn't resist my tears anymore so they flowed on my cheeks.
  • "Faster guys! She's crying now, you couldn't miss this satisfying moment!" Bonny shouted, and laughed so hard after. When Troy, Ohio, Florida, and Torry came to my place, they just laughed so hard instead of helping me.
  • "W-Why did you l-laugh at me, I'm near to death?!" I shouted angrily, and stuttering because of crying so hard. "It just simple, because we all want you to vanish to our lives... Forever." Bonny replied. After that, he stamped my hand that holding the edge of the cliff, and it hurts a lot because he's wearing a boots.
  • "Ah! P-Please, d-don't do that- Ah!" I shouted in pain as Torry smash my fingers with a bog rock. "You bitch! You need to suffer! Every boyfriend that I have broke up with ne when they saw you! You need to die! Die!" Torry shouted angrily while continued to smash my hand with a big stone. But, I can't feel any pain, as only in my mind in this moment is to hold tightly to the edge of the cliff. I don't want to fall and leave my parents.
  • "A-Ah! T-Torry p-please, p-please sto- Ah!" I shouted in pain again as Ohio punched my face so hard. "W-Why?" I asked while crying.
  • "Because, you are the one who always be a teacher's favorite! Whenever I tried to prove to our teachers that I am also the best student, they always ignored and said that you are still the best of the best!" He answered and punched me again. "I-I neve- Ah!" I shouted in pain again when Florida stabbed my hand with a small knife.
  • "Is it painful, right? But, being compared by you is the most painful. Since we were little, you always compared by me, even my own family, and until now, they always disappointed by me because you are here!" Florida yelled while rotating the knife that being stabbed on my hands, and it made me winced.
  • "Rasdia, I love you. However, you always reject me, like what you did to Justine!" Troy shouted while tweaking my hair upward. "S-Sorr- Ah" I shouted in pain again when Bonny kicked my face, and it made me to loosen my hold to the edge of the ccliff, but thankfully I hold the edge of the cliff by my other hand that hanging a while ago again.
  • "Bitch! You always reject Justine - my hidden love, you always treat him like a garbage. I want him to notice me, and in order to do that, you need to leave my side forever!" He said and slapped me. "I n-never thought t-that my m-most trusted f-friend have a hidden grudge a-against me." I said while crying.
  • "Oh, and finally, the last one. Uncle Mariano, show yourself now," Bonny said that made me shock. "Yes! Finally, I can avenge my only son that you rejected and commit a suicide. Die, bitch! Die!" Uncle Mariano shouted, and he kick my face so hard after that made me loosen my hold on the edge of the cliff.
  • "S-Sorry..." I whispered and fall off on the cliff. While I'm falling, I heard them laughing so gard.
  • "You're too perfect for this world, Lana, you need to vanish here!" Bonny shouted. So, I closed my eyes while crying.
  • "Lord, forgive them for what they done..." Whispered...
  • I am waiting to landed on the ground, but I think the cliff is too higher, and I am not landed to the ground yet. I decided to opened my eyes, but I saw a two man that smiling at me instead. Wait, I thought I am falling off the cliff, what is happening?
  • "Look at the beautiful baby girl, hon." One of them said. So, I looked at my hands and saw a baby's hand. W-What is happening?
  • ...